Videalert MEV-Bikes achieve Manufacturers Certification for parking applications

Videalert has announced that its range of bike-based Mobile Enforcement Vehicles (MEV-Bike) is the first in the UK to achieve full Manufacturers Certification for both parking and traffic applications. This certification provides councils with a wider choice of vehicles to choose from, all of which are certified to enforce the same flexible range of contraventions.

Videalert is now the only manufacturer with the ability to offer a bike-based enforcement platform that can operate under Traffic Management Act legislation. These MEV-Bikes offer a more flexible and cost effective alternative to traditional car-based platforms and, what is more, they won’t suffer from the normal urban-related traffic congestion issues.

The Videalert range of MEV-Bikes includes both petrol and electric powered models which enable councils to visibly demonstrate their commitment to meeting clean air targets. Each bike is fitted with two dual camera units comprising both an ANPR and a colour camera which captures contextual video evidence. These ONVIF-compliant HD cameras are fitted with one facing forward and one facing to the rear to achieve industry-leading capture rates of up to 93% with just a single pass at normal road speeds. This dramatically increases productivity and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Used in conjunction with the latest video analytics, the Videalert range of MEV-Bikes deliver the highest productivity at the lowest operating cost in any traffic environment. The on-board systems are self-powered, something that is particularly important when fitted to electric MEV-Bikes, and are totally automatic requiring no manual operation from the rider.

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