Traffic Data Management

Accurate vehicle plate capture for traffic management applications

Videalert’s ANPR solutions deliver the highest vehicle registration mark (VRM) capture rates at the lowest operational cost providing a real-time feed for Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) databases. This is achieved by combining ANPR with the latest video analytics to provide reliable and accurate capture of VRM data in high volume traffic environments.

This data can be integrated and used for a number of Traffic Management applications including incident detection, average journey time monitoring, traffic simulation and modelling.

Videalert ANPR solutions exploit the Digital Video Platform (DVP) which enables the same camera assets to be used for other civil traffic enforcement and management applications. This facilitates data sharing with other stakeholders to leverage available budgets and achieve extended coverage at a lower cost.

Key Features:

  • Real-time data from static, re-deployable and mobile cameras
  • Supports both Analogue and Digital Megapixel cameras
  • Flexible communications through LAN, WAN and hybrid networks
  • Real-time feed to Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) database
  • Near real-time aggregate data to UTMC
  • Real-time feeds to digital messaging systems, local news and traffic websites
  • CSV data to SCOOT/Paramics traffic modelling systems
  • Journey time comparisons between local bus operators, park and ride buses and general traffic
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