The London Borough of Wandsworth extends Videalert system

The London Borough of Wandsworth has added four more camera locations across the borough to enforce yellow box junctions and multiple banned turn contraventions. One of these camera locations will be enforcing two different offences simultaneously.

The original contract was awarded following competitive trials of all major suppliers which determined that the Videalert system would provide best value to the council in terms of performance and cost. Videalert came out on top with consistently high capture rates, particularly in busy traffic conditions and across complex moving traffic contravention scenarios. The quality of evidence captured using the latest digital, ONFIV compliant cameras will also reduce the number of potential appeals.

Other key factors in the decision-making process included flexibility of the system to capture multiple contraventions from a single WAN unit and its ability to utilise existing on-street furniture to reduce infrastructure costs. Another important factor was the Videalert’s real-time monitoring software that keeps system uptime as close as possible to 100%. The platform’s automated evidence pack review suite was also recognised to further enhance productivity.

When the original contract was announced, Steve Cull, Assistant Head of Shared Parking Services for Richmond and Wandsworth, commented: “The trials demonstrated that the use of unattended cameras was justified in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and compliance. Deploying Videalert’s unique Digital Video Platform allows additional camera assets and enforcement applications to be cost effectively added, providing a future-proofed investment for civil traffic enforcement.”

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