Technical Support

Videalert systems have built-in resilience and are designed to deliver reliable, uninterrupted service, ensuring the highest productivity. We are committed to ensuring that any technical issue that may occur is handled and resolved in an efficient and timely manner to minimise service disruption.

Dedicated Support

A dedicated account manager is assigned to every customer and takes full responsibility for ensuring that Videalert solutions consistently meet or exceed expectations. Videalert provides the highest level of technical support with a helpdesk manned by knowledgeable industry specialists that respond rapidly to every telephone or email request for assistance.

Maximise Uptime

Videalert systems are self-healing and can automatically detect, analyse and heal faults that may be detected ensuring system uptime is maximised to deliver uninterrupted productivity without human intervention.

Remote Monitoring

Daily statistics are gathered for all operational systems on the central server providing a detailed history of system performance. Our Remote Management Console (RMC) generates automatic alerts enabling our support teams to quickly identify and investigate locations where enforcement is falling below expected levels. Should a site visit be required field engineers are despatched to carry out all necessary remedial work without delay.

The RMC also provides comprehensive reporting on enforcement trends and compliance.

Planned Maintenance

Advance notice is always given for any planned software upgrades and maintenance which, whenever possible, is scheduled to take place during non-critical periods. Videalert provides twice-yearly site visits to clean camera lenses and check for any issues at the pole including equipment connections.


All RDS and camera equipment supplied by Videalert has a one year warranty which includes helpdesk, remote and onsite support. Any equipment that fails during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge. Access to support can be extended beyond this warranty period subject to taking out a maintenance contract.