Professional Services

Attain maximum benefits from installations of CCTV traffic management and enforcement services

As a leading provider of CCTV traffic management and enforcement solutions, Videalert has the experience to help councils to design and deploy the latest digital platforms that deliver the highest productivity at the lowest operating cost.

Industry Specialists

Our professional services team comprises industry specialists with extensive experience of successfully delivering projects for local government and police authorities. We provide a range of services that can help benchmark the performance of legacy manually operated systems. This is achieved by conducting a business needs analysis to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of current services and provide unrivalled insights to determine whether the required results are being cost effectively achieved. Structured observation and interviews with stakeholders throughout the organisation provide a clearer understanding of individual process issues and pain points.

We can analyse and benchmark current service delivery effectiveness against our extensive experience with other similar organisations. This allows us to recommend solutions that align to the tactical and strategic goals of clients with technology roadmaps to achieve business benefits in the short, medium and longer term.

Identifiable Improvement

A pragmatic and collaborative approach is taken to all client interactions. All findings and subsequent recommendations are built on fact and evidenced with quantifiable data and observations. This ensures that identified improvement opportunities can always be quantified in terms of increased productivity and reduced infrastructure costs.

Post-implementation consultancy can also be conducted to quantify the impact of installed systems and suggest further improvements to current processes and workflows.

Services include:

  • On-site surveys
  • System design
  • Installation and configuration
  • System optimisation
  • VCA approvals
  • Training (including administrator and reviewer)