Car Park Data Management

Accurate vehicle plate capture for parking management applications

Videalert’s ANPR solutions deliver the highest vehicle registration mark (VRM) capture rates at the lowest operational cost, providing real-time and batch data feeds for integrating with third party car park management systems. This is achieved by combining ANPR with the latest video analytics to give reliable and accurate capture of VRM data in high volume traffic environments.

This data can be easily integrated for a number of car park facility applications including parking access control automation, payment verification, ticketless parking fee management and occupancy level management. The opportunities to embed ANPR technology into car park management systems for each of these applications provides visitors with a secure and efficient service whilst providing operators with the best return on their investment through increased charge enforcement.

Key Features:

  • Real-time delivery of ANPR data from static, re-deployable and mobile cameras
  • Supports analogue and digital megapixel cameras
  • Flexible communications through LAN, WAN and hybrid networks
  • VRMs filtered according to ‘whitelists’ and ‘blacklists’
  • Real-time interfaces to third party barrier control and payment systems (Pay & Display and Mobile)
  • CSV data for occupancy levels and duration of stay
  • Real-time interface to Digital Messaging Display systems
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