New RDS Mk6 delivers higher performance with lower operational costs

Videalert has announced that RDS Mk6, a new smaller version of its Rapidly Deployable Server (RDS), is now available running the latest version of Windows 10 IoT. The company has also developed software to exploit the Intel x86 chipset Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX2).

Significant performance improvements have been achieved and a single RDS now allows 8-12 video analytics processes to run concurrently. This further reduces the amount of capital equipment that needs to be deployed at the edge to process CCTV streams, which in turn reduces operational costs such as cellular SIMs.

Combined with the latest narrow beam wireless point-to-point solutions, Videalert can deploy traffic enforcement and analysis systems at a significantly lower cost than other suppliers that can only process a single pair of video streams per edge unit.

Importantly, air quality monitors can be easy connected to the deployed edge equipment without affecting the running of the video processing functions. They use the RDS communications gateway to deliver data to the air quality hosted data platform.

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