Mobile Enforcement Vehicles (MEVs)

Multi-purpose vehicles improve productivity and compliance

Videalert has developed a range of MEVs, including hybrid and electric powered cars and electric bikes, all of which have the onboard technology to support multiple traffic enforcement, traffic management applications as well as clean air (CAZ) and low emission (LEZ) zones. The vehicles can also be used to detect DVLA Road Tax avoidance as well as community safety and crime prevention activities.

These MEVs are equipped with the latest generation ONVIF-compliant HD cameras that enable enhanced capture rates of up to 98% to be achieved for increased productivity. Significantly, this capture rate can be achieved with just a single pass at normal road speeds rather than having to make multiple passes at speeds of just 10-15 mph. They can be deployed for unattended or manual operations to enforce all moving traffic and parking contraventions as permitted and specified under current legislation.

Videalert also provides a cost-effective refit service to enable councils using older vehicles. This includes the installation of a complete suite of automated systems for a wide range of enforcement and monitoring applications, replacing out-dated manual technologies which often require two civil enforcement officers to be in each vehicle. There is no restriction regarding the types of vehicles that can be upgraded.

Enforcement applications include:

  • Vehicles parked on keep clear zones outside schools
  • Vehicles parked in bus stops, bus lanes and on red routes
  • Vehicles performing illegal moving traffic contraventions such as driving in a bus lane, banned turn, box junction or restricted access
  • Vehicles parked in resident permit zones
  • Clean Air Zones
  • Low Emission Zones
  • Environmental offences such as fly tipping and non-permitted or restricted use of waste depots

Community safety and crime prevention applications include:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Detection of suspect or blacklisted vehicles that may be known or wanted by the Police

Key Features:

  • Supports multiple community safety, traffic enforcement and management applications simultaneously
  • Supports both attended and unattended modes of operation
  • Integrates with all back office PCN processing and Police BOF systems
  • DfT Manufacturer certified
  • Police BOF certified