Leeds and Southampton approve Clean Air Zones (CAZs)

In 2015 the Government set targets to achieve cleaner air quality by 2020 in several large cities in the UK, including, Birmingham, Derby, Leeds, Nottingham and Southampton.

This week, Clean Air Zones (CAZs) have been approved in both Leeds and Southampton.

Clean air is a priority across the UK, with these cities being specifically chosen due to their large volumes of emissions. Ultimately the health of the residents and visitors to these areas is paramount.

Initially, the plan will be to charge non-compliant HGVs, buses/coaches, taxis and private hire vehicles that access the city centres within specific zones.

But how can CAZs be managed and enforced?

Videalert’s digital video platform provides cost effective management and enforcement of CAZs. It helps to reduce pollution from toxic gases, including nitrogen dioxide which is estimated to cause the premature deaths of 40,000-50,000 people each year.

The platform provides real-time identification of vehicles including make, model, colour, gross weight, engine type, Euro rating and CO² emission band. This enables the system to automatically determine whether an offence has been committed and/or whether the correct tariff has been paid for entry into the restricted zone. To minimise bandwidth requirements, these checks are carried out prior to evidence files being sent to the back office system for issuing PCNs. The Videalert system also captures real-time intelligence to determine the extent of contraventions in any target location.

Plans to implement CAZs in 23 other local authorities, are also being progressed, including Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Hull, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and Stoke.

Separate initiatives in Scotland to implement four low emission zones in Glasgow, Edinbrough, Aberdeen, and Dundee are well advanced, with the CAZ in Glasgow likely to be implemented as soon as 2019.

The enforcement of these CAZs will undoubtedly be done using ANPR technology. Those cities already using multi-tasking video data platforms, such as Videalert, will be able to implement these schemes in a more cost-effective way as they can leverage their existing system infrastructure.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Videalert Clean Air Zone (CAZ)/Low Emission Zone (LEZ) solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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