Do you know what the impact of cyber attacks on IP-based CCTV enforcement systems will be?

According to Microsoft, the cyber-attack that has hit 150 countries since Friday 12th May should be treated as a “wake-up call” and organisations need to take steps to protect themselves from increasing number of such events. The virus contained in this ransomware attack prevents users from accessing the operating system, encrypts stored data and demands a ransom before allowing access to the computer.

The good news for Videalert users is that all operating system to camera communication is carried out using the ONVIF protocols. The ONVIF web service-based methods use cryptographic protocols, certificate-based client authentication and keystores to help keep IP communications secure.  By using ONVIF standardised communication between IP-based devices, Videalert users have in-built security levels that protect against cyber-attacks.

To find out more, view a recent ONVIF webinar on standards and cyber security. The highlights include:

  • An understanding of broad standardisation of cyber security outside the physical security industry
  • The merging of physical and cyber security
  • How current ONVIF profiles address cyber security concerns
  • What constitutes a secure communication between devices and clients

To view the webinar click here

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