Civil Enforcement as a Service (CEaaS)

Changing the economics of installing CCTV traffic services

CEaaS is delivered as a fully managed service and allows CCTV traffic services to be procured on demand. It eliminates the need for councils to undertake major procurement or installation programmes.

It includes everything - the planning, supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of all necessary on-street equipment with the latest digital cameras and associated communications connectivity.

Contraventions are automatically captured and transferred to the hosted server platform independently of any council IT infrastructure or communications networks. Evidence packs automatically created for review and processing by operators using standard web browsers before confirmed offences are sent to a back office PCN system.

CEaaS is available for a fixed monthly cost per location or on a fee-per-PCN basis so it pays for itself. This allows councils to carry out projects that previously might not have been considered.

CEaaS is highly flexible, allowing new systems to be installed or existing ones removed to meet local needs without saddling councils with obsolete technology. As well as allowing equipment to be relocated as required, it can continue in place or be removed as part of the service at the end of the contract.