Bollard Control

Digital CCTV solution to efficiently control rising bollards

Videalert delivers a fully automated solution for the accurate and reliable control of rising bollards to protect locations against the entry of unauthorised vehicles.

Permitted vehicle number plates are managed via a whitelist. When a vehicle approaches the bollard control area the number plate is captured using ANPR and checked against the whitelist. When the number plate is matched with the whitelist, Videalert communicates with the bollard control system in real-time and the bollards are activated to immediately drop down allowing the vehicle through without interruption. The bollards automatically rise again when the vehicle is clear.

Key Features:

  • Real-time ANPR capture and validation with “whitelist”
  • Supports analogue or digital megapixel cameras
  • Flexible control and management server deployment options available
  • Wide range of automated rising bollard systems supported including ATG Access, Automate and MACS
  • Real-time control interface for enabling access for permitted vehicles only
  • Dynamic “whitelist” option
  • Flexible communications through LAN, WAN and hybrid networks
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