Civil Traffic Enforcement Overview

From a single platform, Videalert supports multiple civil traffic enforcement applications simultaneously in a flexible range of environments:

Unattended CCTV Enforcement

Combining ANPR with the latest analytics technology automates the capture of vehicles that actually commit offences. Evidence packs are also automatically created for review before being sent to back office PCN processing systems. This delivers significant productivity gains and cost savings by eliminating the high manpower costs associated with manually monitoring the cameras. Local authorities can upgrade seamlessly from manually operated systems and use the same infrastructure. This allows more efficient operations by reducing manpower and equipment costs, maintaining more effective compliance and ensuring best value for local tax payers.

Manually Operated CCTV Enforcement

Local Authorities are now replacing legacy ANPR-based systems that rely on operators to monitor each camera location during periods of enforcement and identify contraventions. These systems require evidence packs to be constructed manually for review before being sent to back office PCN processing systems. The overall effectiveness of manually operated systems is limited by high manpower costs, restricted working hours and shift patterns.

Mobile CCTV Enforcement

Videalert’s mobile CCTV enforcement solution utilises the same digital video platform and enables local authorities to run multiple civil traffic enforcement, traffic management and community safety applications.

Back Office Integration

Videalert integrates with all leading PCN processing platforms including ICES, Conduent, Civica, Chipside and Taranto Systems.