Automated CCTV enforcement of school keep clears – we were the first!

Did you know that Videalert pioneered the use of video analytics with CCTV to enforce parking contraventions on school keep clears back in 2013, a development that was widely covered at the time by the national press, radio and TV.

We developed this application to try to reduce the unacceptable accident rates which saw over 1,000 children a month being injured on local roads around schools. It was apparent that the markings, which were designed to provide drivers with greater visibility of possible dangers as well as giving pedestrians a better view of the road in both directions, were being widely ignored by parents at the beginning and end of each school day.

We now have over 200 school sites nationally deployed using our unique automated video analytic capture solution. What does this mean? There is no need for any operator to manually control the camera in attended mode in real-time to spot contraventions, which is a time consuming and costly process.

In contrast, the Videalert solution automates the capture of video evidence and number plates of vehicles stopping in these zones without any manual intervention and only capture vehicles that actually commit an offence by being stationary in a defined ‘watch area’ and exceed the ’watch time’. Video evidence packs are automatically generated and transmitted to the council for review before any PCNs are processed or generated.

Videalert is still the only company to provide a truly automated video analytic capture solution which delivers higher productivity at a lower cost than manually operated systems. What is more, the Videalert solution is fully re-deployable to other schools when compliance levels improve.

We have achieved an awful lot since 2013 and there is no doubt we are now the market leader in the provision of CCTV to enforce school keep clears. Our latest innovation is an integrated Air Quality Sensor that measures pollution on the streets outside schools and provides real-time data showing the impact of this enforcement.

Furthermore, any Council can deploy this solution as it was enabled on the 1st April 2015 through the Deregulation Act.

To see videos of the Videalert solution in action click here

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