OpenView Security Solutions Limited (OSSL) is an independent security systems integrator that provides a comprehensive range of enforcement, security, fire and electrical solutions to local authorities across the UK. Read more

Eurovia (VINCI) is a world leader in transport infrastructure construction and urban development. It provides a wide range of services including infrastructure maintenance, design-coordination services and expert consulting as part of public-private partnership projects. Read more

NSL is a leading UK company specialising in the delivery and management of business process management, enforcement, passenger and social transport, street management and technical design services. Read more

Agendum is one of Europe’s leading developers of digital enforcement solutions that help local authorities and enforcement organisations to make the compliance process more efficient and productive. Read more

Neology is a global leader in the provision of RFID and ANPR solutions for a wide range of applications including tolling, parking and access control. They are used to improve compliance for road tax, pollution control, congestion charges and more. Read more