Founded in 2004, Videalert is one of the UK’s leading providers of intelligent traffic enforcement and management solutions that improve road safety and traffic flows as well as helping to reduce crime in our cities.

Our principal focus is the provision of digital traffic solutions that deliver the highest productivity at the lowest operational cost in four key areas:

  • Civil Traffic Enforcement
  • School Safety
  • Police ANPR
  • Traffic and Parking Management

Videalert’s digital video platform (DVP) is fully DfT certified and supports unattended, manually operated and mobile CCTV deployments. Uniquely, it supports multiple civil traffic enforcement, traffic management, community safety and crime prevention applications simultaneously from a single CCTV infrastructure without requiring specific equipment for every point solution.

Data Sharing

Videalert's DVP is designed to intelligently capture and process video in a variety of formats and present/distribute the information to wherever it is needed. The open platform approach makes data sharing and the “Smart City” a reality. For example, vehicle plate read data can be simultaneously disseminated to:

  • Police ANPR databases (BOFII and the latest Metropolitan Police Service database standard) for detecting “black listed” vehicles
  • Traffic management systems (UTMC) for journey time information and congestion smoothing
  • CSV data to car park operators
  • Community safety initiatives to reduce fly-tipping and anti-social behavior

Clean Air Zones

According to a recent study of UK air quality, road pollution is now more than twice as deadly as traffic accidents. The government and local authorities are under increasing pressure to deliver Clean Air Zones. The real-time identification of vehicles using these zones is a key requirement in the management and enforcement of these schemes. Videalert has added Clean Air Zones to its DfT Manufacturer Certified hosted enforcement platform. This additional capability provides councils with a cost effective way to improve air quality and meet EU directives to reduce pollution from toxic gases, such as nitrogen dioxide.

Hosted Solutions

Videalert provides hosted solutions that allow the latest digital CCTV enforcement systems to be quickly and easily deployed without capital expenditure. They include CCTV Enforcement as a Service (CEaaS) enabling CCTV traffic services to be purchased on demand with installations taking place in weeks rather than months with no involvement from internal IT departments.

Flexible Commercial Models

Videalert provides a flexible range of commercial models to improve efficiency, increase income and deliver greater control over costs. They include:

  • Hosted with outstation equipment purchased by client
  • Fully hosted managed service (CEaaS)
  • Zero capital expenditure with fixed fee cost recovery
  • Monthly rental fee per location